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Intubation Box

 The Intubation Box is an inexpensive and reusable protective device originally designed by Dr Hsien Yung Lai in Taiwan, to protect healthcare providers when intubating Covid-19 patients. We, ER doctors and designers, have taken his gracious design and altered it for the American body habitus. The Intubation Box works by sitting over the head and shoulders of a Covid-19 patient as they are intubated by a healthcare provider. The acrylic box acts as a protective shield between the patient and medical provider, with the intent of reducing the healthcare provider's exposure to Coronavirus (COVID-19). After each intubation, the box can be cleaned with a bleach or alcohol solution. Ie. Sani-Cloth wipes. Make Your Own Intubation Box This website aims to provide everyone information to make as many Intubation Boxes as possible. We are doing our very best to produce intubation boxes daily, but more help means more resources for hospitals across the country. CLICK HERE TO DOW